For well over a decade, YAHALOM has also offered Family Summer Camps in Jerusalem specifically tailored to FSU immigrant and non-immigrant families living in Israel.

For well over a decade, YAHALOM has offered various activities for new immigrants to Israel. Family Summer Camps in Jerusalem have been specifically tailored to FSU citizens together with FSU families living in Israel. Diverse groups of Russian-speaking families sharing common roots connect in a unique 6-day value-laden experience, while enjoying a fun family vacation with an abundance of parent/children quality time.

Gathered together in Jerusalem, away from the distractions and stresses that arise in their daily routines, the families are free to focus on learning about each other, their Jewish heritage past and present and Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Together parents and children address issues relating to their own Russian-origin Jewish identity and their place in the Jewish collective. They visit religious and national sites, study a variety of Jewish texts and engage in entertaining group and family activities. Established Russian expressions of Jewish identity in Israel are also celebrated and examined through institutions like the kibbutz and leading figures such as David Ben Gurion and Menahcem Begin, as well as meeting Russian-speaking personalities living in Israel.

The aim of the camp is to foster ties between Russian-speaking Jews in Israel and abroad, while strengthening parent/children bonds across shared Jewish humanistic values. The Camp experience builds an enriched family narrative that can accompany parents and children throughout their everyday lives.

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