A four-day family holiday experience you’ll never forget!

The YAHALOM Family Summer Camp is the only family-based program related to Jewish identity and culture in Israel.

The YAHALOM action-packed activity program brings together children and parents to discover Jerusalem’s sites and through creative and entertaining workshops explore their own Jewish identity, sharing in authentic open dialogue.

The camps also offer a rare multi-cultural encounter: Between various veteran groups within Israeli society,visiting North Americans, immigrants from Ethiopia, Russia and more.

All share an intensive, matchless and memorable Jewish family experience as issues of personal, familial, cultural and national Jewish identity are addressed and introduced into the family narrative.

“I love Jerusalem and I go there whenever I can. The idea that the Camp was in Jerusalem grabbed me. I saw that there were trips around the city and I thought that being together with my daughter for 24 hours a day was a great idea.”
“For me, Jerusalem is a holy and important place and I would never miss out on a chance to visit. My daughter was thrilled to be going to the Camp with her mother.”
“A rare opportunity for my children to befriend other Jewish children from different places and ethnic groups”
“When my mother also participated it became an exceptional tri-generational experience!”