Dear friends of YAHALOM,

In our post-modern society, parents and children might share the same living space, but the lack of meaningful communication between them means they may as well inhabit parallel universes. Busy routines, modern world distractions and the increasing use of personal technologies all contribute as barriers to authentic dialog. As today’s children construct knowledge and build competencies, parents have far less opportunity to positively impact their lives and help shape their budding Jewish identity.

Family bonding is a key factor in nurturing Jewish values and plays a profound role in enriching the social fabric of pluralistic Jewish society. If meaningful family interaction is gradually eroded then a key stage in developing a well-rooted Jewish identity could be lost.

YAHALOM empowers parents to enrich their family narrative and act as a positive educator in their children’s lives. Together, families explore and express their Jewish identity by studying value-oriented topics derived from Jewish and Israeli culture, texts and traditions.

YAHALOM educational programs across communities, participating schools and summer camps enable parents and children to value Jewish tradition and culture as relevant and meaningful to their lives.

Starting with the family unit, YAHALOM aims to contribute to the reinforcement of Jewish identity across the full spectrum of international Jewry and the State of Israel.


Derek Perlman
Director of YAHALOM